Thursday, December 10, 2009

Confessions...Clock Ticking..A mommy's blog

As I start to write, I can see the only few minutes left before my little one gets back home. My husband has been sweet enough to give me some ME-time. Dhrithi will be back after a small grocery shopping trip after which she needs me every moment literally.

April 10th 2009 this irreversible change happened. B and me had hardly any idea what it was like having or raising a baby till we had this little angel in our lives. When she was born she was a total stranger to me. Like all new mothers, I was not used to the whole thing. Frankly I did not know that it will be followed by sleepless nights or frequent diaper changes or having a constant background noise at home.Whoosh ! Today this little girl turns 8 months old.

Now - I call her my BOSS. I can sleep when she sleeps and go out with friends when she is not cranky, play when she wants to, sing a poem even if I sound like a donkey and I am yelling inside 'I don't want to sing now'. Not to scare the to-be parents, but it is quite a project to have and bring up a baby. For every waking hour that I spend there are thousand things 'to be done' waiting on the line. A clumsy time-manager and truckloads of chores to run - Perfectly explains me.... Rewind 2 years, I was quite a princess a sleepy, spoiled and a lazy one. Rewind 4 years, I used to throw tantrums at my parent's. Further back, I didn't know how to make coffee or cook rice at age of 17. Now within last few months, I can do literally anything. Arms made of steel, stronger heart and Increased Confidence - this has been a wonderful phase of my life. Yes the kitchen remains unclean sometimes , my books are all over the house, reports to be finished..but I continue to exist ..:-)

You will not have grown up for several years in life and suddenly in one year, you see so many changes all at once. It is one of those significant times, when you surprise yourself.

So what's the incentive. I call it the Magic..Parents can relate to it. When I get back from classes stone tired, one smile on D's face energizes me, lights me up and motivates me. My husband is a great co-parent. He understands Dhrithi's nuances even better sometimes and she is his little baby doll who he dresses up. He totally wants to spoil her. He is a natural unlike me.

I have been everywhere - classes, potluck parties, long phone calls and web conferences, outings, shopping, study groups, temples, cooking exotic snacks, throwing dinner socials, lap sit times for Dhrithi, support group for new mommies, watching parenting shows, doctor visits, project meetings, public libraries, visiting friends..

Looking back it has been wonderful 8 months of my life. As for baby rearing, only good memories stay. I am a standing testimony to the fact.

Thanks to the Balajees !


Rahul said...

Happy 8th month birthday to her.

sharikahline said...

Its really a pleasure reading your experience. Its true how we have suddenly grown up in the past couple of years - being responsible about home, health, finance and most importantly the marriage! :)

Seema Dharma said...

This is Seema, V met at Shwetha Srinivasan's wedding...Saw an update on Orkut regarding ur blog..n out of curiosity..I started reading your posts...n I must admit that they are extremely well written...n a pleasure to read:)