Friday, August 23, 2013

Are we Minion-izing ?

After watching Despicable me and while reading so many books on Leadership and Self development; a self awareness occured.

Do we in our actions become lazy about making decisions ? We are in knowledge economy one where we not only do things, but need to know what to do. Often times we find ourselves stuck and easiest way seems to be being told what to do. Almost like Minions !!
YEs part of it is also being stupid; it shows up like we are beings of lower mental prowess ( 5 arivu jeevangal). Worse yet we blame others when things go wrong.

How do we un-minionize ?
Awareness is the key; every moment ! Does it mean becoming a man ? Doesnt matter how you want to label it or call it. But yes it is about calling the shots.

Is this easy ?
Bad habits are hard to lose, nevertheless like in meditation where mind wanders and we keep bringing it back, we need to constantly try. It needs patience; it needs interest/passion; it needs expertise of the matter; sincerity & commitnment get there.

Do you feel this ?

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