Thursday, June 21, 2007

The new me

Self realization is something that happens throughout our lives. And some milestones and important incidents change the whole of what makes 'you'. This is the right occasion I start logging the events
1) as someone who is undergoing this "irreversible" change
2) as someone who is vetti ( translates to 'bored to death')

It was a bold step and like every other person who will undergo this at one point of time, I ll be taking wedding vows in less than a week's time.

Suddenly the road ahead which was hazy all this while, the same road which I never bothered to see in my life so far is getting clear, the clouds recede trying to show me the purpose of my birth . Suddenly my life seems to be a getting a new meaning and new dimension. It also has an effect of " hey wake up from dreams, here s something calling your attention, someone needs you". The role is getting bigger reversing the very manner I would see myself. I cannot afford to be what I was and I can't wait to see what I want to be.

Situations mould you, they make you tougher, they leave you with an impact and greater the impact greater the role it 'll play in the "making of you".
There is one point of time when we realize that "you cannot afford to be a leaf on a stream of water, to follow it wherever it goes". U have to gear it yourself, to the extent that you can control the very direction of stream. This applies to every moment we spend building ourselves. Having said that again another realization goes like "you cannot afford to be a droplet of water on lotus plant". I got reminded of this only bcoz of the leaf and water analogy, but it fits here well. Doesnt it ?

BTW if, as someone unmarried, u thought, does so much realisation go into marriage ?, then my answer would be, maybe maybe not, but it sure does excite you, atleast the changes you think it ll bring in your life.

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Personal Finance said...

I agree that situations make you tougher. What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, keep trucking!