Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Scabies - They love me, Story me Twist

Of scabies and more ---

Of course I am not going to write a blog on what scabies are, coz there are lot many other pages on the net to give you the details, in case u need.

I look like half blood princess, thanks to the red dots all over my hands , feet and face, making me look like an alien creature. If only I could get them, the scabies, I will kill them to death. The itching has spread and would not let me sleep or relax.

The doc has given me a mild cream which I am afraid would not even serve as a moisturizer. Thankfully I am at home and nto at work.

The culprit – A coat unused for a long time . The scabies were blood starved waiting for someone to wear it and the victim was the proud me. They I think have started laying eggs starting to build a colony on my arms and feet. And they are so strong that even concentrated HCL acid is not going to move them here in near future atleast till I become a full blood princess ..( bad one eh ?.. I am sorry )..

Aaah they love me so much….

It was two weeks later that we discover that they are nto scabies and mere allergic reaction to eating something here in US. Interesting and the doc is too sure this time. What I am sure about is that, I am a guinea pig.

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