Monday, November 12, 2007

E- Business

Imagine two eye balls on your computer watching everything you do. As we all know e-businesses thrive on the time they lock with the users. The more the time you are ona particular site or the more you use it, the more the money that goes into the pockets of these businesses.
Now it's eerie sometimes. Yahoo or Google knows where I stay, what I do, what are my needs, what do I look for when I am on the internet and what is my objective, my likes and dislikes.
The adaptive technology brings on palette links suited to my unique personalized choices. It's like even before I google and find out stuff on internet, the links are there appearing on the top of my gmail page. Isnt that a breach of privacy. I know it s an automatic system, that looks for some repeated words in my mails and gives me back the search results, and it feels great to find exactly what you want, but it doesnt feel too great that someone knows every single thing about you, probably more than you know yourself. Probably this is what they called Agressive marketing.

Initailly it kept me wondering that in Facebook or other forum like sites, these ads are never clicked. I mean our eyes are tuned to just rip off the necessary content in the site.
But as I write this post, I realize that they have refined over a period of time. Now I find myself clicking on those gmail links more often. Now I understand that it's because they knows me better than before to give me exactly what I want, 90% of the time.

E-bay or other advertisement sites work on the same foundation. They read the customer, rip you off. But now e-bay has come with a feature, which allows you to offset the profile settings, which means you ll be a fresh customer each time you visit the site...

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