Thursday, November 1, 2007

The side of Marketing I hate

In a recent conversation with a friend, we discussed how marketing is seen by some people as salesman kind of work. That's myopic...

There are numerous theories and statistics and a great depth in what we call marketing. In the crudest sense it appears to me as 'the art of attraction'. What would be the percentage of cases when we buy what we don't need ? How many people get confused between need and desire ? How smart are those marketing professionals in convincing that you really really need it to be complete or satiated !

Coming back to the topic,'marketing' at a small scale for small business which is not so organized, makes me distrust the intentions of people. It's like' Is this why he/she being so close and concerned'. The best examples would be Quickstar and Amway products. I feel they make false promises pulling people into business and makes others move away from these people. Sometimes 'marketing' becomes a mantra for them. In the process of promoting they change themselves, lie through their teeth and sometimes believe in 'what they sell' like they would belive their religion.

They try to seduce every family member, some turn into bakras and buy and obviously realize it was never worth the money.
I am definitely for these small business and their efforts to grow. As long as you don't propagate false philosophy/ideology it's fine. If you truly believe in the product or service you offer and see potential for it ( in terms of need or atleast desire) , still respect the space people have. Don't go persuading to the extent, that people avoid you. You haven't gained much, but have lost a lot.

Yet another thing practiced here in US is build public relationships. And I get extra cynical when this friendship building is way too fast against natural speed. People greet each other her and start talking especially if they belong to the same country or clan, so one often gets confused, so fast relationship building happens even in absence of marketing, which is what makes me distrust even genuine people. Some background check helps, if that s possible.

So next time someone says ' Our wavelengths match, don't they', be doubly sure, especially when you have know this person for less than an year.

I would really love to see myself promoting my business, for I still need to master the art, but I would call it ' answering people why would they need it and what are the shortcomings as well'. The objective would be "to genuinely make life easier and better" and 'money' shall be a by product. As they always say 'it ll be a special communion of necessity and my imagination', certainly not a false necessity. Time shall stand testimony...


Scoobie Davis said...

Amway and Quixtar promote an insidious ideology. I have created a
blog that addresses the problems with this business cult

mekhala said...

Amway and such companies employ the so called 'pyramid scheme' which is definitely bogus. also, i have heard abt random folks approaching others in stores with similar schemes - good to avoid both.

"this friendship building is way too fast against natural speed" - very true. Wise to stay comfortable than being pressured into something unnatural.