Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Skimmed Milk and more

It's a country where every thing has a low fat substitute, healthy or unhealthy the food item is low in fat, tasty or unbearable it's "fat free" slogan sells it in a big way. Although these products appear as an obvious choice to weight watchers, sometimes they psych us out.
Back in India, I will start a protest for adulterated milk or watered milk. Here,I pay for it, knowing that it s 70% water.
Looking at the food label has become a norm. The first thing is the saturated fat content ! Thanks to these labels that we make informed choices, but ironically when we go back home our friends and relatives find a plump version of us. The only key seems to lose weight or even maintain weight seems to eat what a cow or goat eats. Yes, I write that out of frustration, which comes even before dieting. A healthy and tasty food seems to be a dream. Although there are a couple of them which satisfy these criteria, u cannot eat them on a continuous basis. Besides, it s the women of our age who food attacks first . I end it with a positive note, that there is light at the end of the tunnel, but it's at the "end".


nrang said...

Hey.. i cant agree with u more. Check out my blog! Been dieting, with horrible results as always. Sigh.

rmekhala said...

And I heard someone say that she waters down the skimmed milk! Bah!