Sunday, October 7, 2007

The week that was

It's not restricted to movies now, I watch some really nice serials in the afternoon as well...They cheer me up during that gloomy, hot, dull and not-so-happening part of the day... With a cup of tea and few biscuits, it's complete. The shows are 'What I like about you' by Amanda Byrnes... I constantly get reminded of a friend of mine on seeing this character. She is on my buddies list.

Next is 'Reba'. She s a 52 year old pop singer, a multi-faced personality and appears this comedy show of hers. She plays a role of single-mother staying with a big family including her husband's new wife, next door.

These comedy shows portray human foibless in a hilarious way...During the nights it's 'Everybody Love's Raymond'

As for movies, I got to watch 'Before Sunrise' and 'Before Sunset', on recommendation by a friend. Romantic genre!

I prefer the first to second, for it's freshness and sensibility.. The whole movie runs with just two people talking, talking and talking. What makes the movie nice ? The dialogue was natural and something most of us think but few express. The term "sociological experiment" in first movie, is not something many would try. Putting 'love' under a test was reasonable.

Here are some of the quotes from the first part : Before Sunrise
The second one, which I had watched more recently, it was the waltz that Celine sings for Jesse which I found awesome. As for the rest of the movie, the discussion is about world, it's problems etc, for which I wasnt impressed for some reason. Also I found Jesse's renewed attraction common in life of many men. Not tht I am so old or wise, but I felt nothing new or fresh about it. It s a natural reaction to have such fantasies and tending to make them true.
Apart from that, the movie had a smooth flow, with the two of them reconnoitering their experiences in past 9 years..With traces of indian conservative mindset, not many can enjoy the second part. The first was best...

Here is what 'Reflection' played this weekend. Mouna Ragam


nrang said...

Mouna Raagam is one of my all time favorite movies.. can watch it a MILLION times!!

rmekhala said...

i recommend u watch 'house m.d.' on fox on wednesday nights. also, 'the colbert report' on comedy central. B'cos, "traditional news shows have become more comedic and more comedic news shows more authoritative in US."

also, u can check out books and movies / serials from your local public library. :D