Monday, October 1, 2007

Houston Zoo

The zoo at Houston, makes up for the absence of other weekend hangouts in the city, for people like me, who don't find pubs so interesting.

The weather on Saturday was welcoming and we got a forest like experience even in the zoo, which is located in the downtown.
Although India has a rich habitat and numerous zoos, the maintanance of animals there is pathetic and after having seen such zoos at India, this was truly a feast to the eyes...The cloudy weather made it all the more enjoyable.

This one was so cute. He/She stood up danced with those cute closed eyes and was scratching it's head with it s human like fingers.

These are the Meerkats.. Their movements are like humans. The way they respond to claps, it looked like they were trained, but simply funny.

And this was an amazing plight captured by our photographer. The swiftness with which it swims was so beaaauuutiful to watch...This orangutan, gave us a feeling of being in circus. He is young and was posing before the cameras....
The next one is taken by me,. A 45 degree turn, rightwards would have given what I intended ...These are the Flemingos

We took more than 150 pictures, which I shall load in picassa and share..
The link shall be updated..

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