Monday, September 17, 2007

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

All of us know they are good. Here is a simple post on what they are and why they are good. Also I have found a couple of sources.

Fats are of three types.
1. Saturated ( Single bond between carbon and hydrogen atoms)
2. Mono unsaturated ( one double bond)
3. Poly unsaturated ( 2 double bonds)

Fats are the ones which provide more calories compared to Proteins or Carbs. And we need fats for energy buiding fight diseases etc.
To make things simple, Saturated ( Or anything tht contains the name Partially Hydrogenated oil) is bad for health in all forms.

So one has to replace it with Mono and Poly Unsaturated fats. The latter (poly ) is not produced by body. Omega 3 Fatty acids have them. Omega 3 acids prevent a whole lot of other diseases too. They lower cholestrol, fight stress in a big way, control depression, reduce chances of heart disorder, prevent certain types of cancer, fight inflammation and irritable bowels, prevent Arthritis Osteoporosis etc.
Among cookign oils canola oil is good source of mono and poly unsaturated fats. It has less or no saturated fat.
Flaxseeds or Flaxseed oil, Codliver tablets are big source of Omega 3 Fatty acids.

Source - This carries some reseraches supporting the theory
Also read the word of caution printed here. What I have written is a jist of the matter and also something from Oprah Winfrey s show I saw today..

Some more gyan - A blind way of keeping things on check is that eat food low in sugar, low in salt, high in fibre, high in calcium and proteins and exercise regularly. Oatmeals and cereals have high amount of vitamins we need for our body.

It s small incremental values which keep u healthy. A habit which gets built over time. The older self will thank you. It s exactly in the same manner as, junk food slowly kills you.

In the end I would like to quote what my cosuin's gradpa always says ' the lifetime of a man is not the number of days he lived, it s the number of days he has been healthy and happy'

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pushkala said...

I can understand Chemistry in Relationship between newly weds.. but u applying chemistry in kitchen toooooooo!!!
paaathu ma ....!!!!!!!!!
should accept .. u have understood the shortest way to a man's heart..
ie.. His mouth..oesophagus..stomach...!!

Shrividya said...

That happens to be the longest way :-(..He doesnt like such information. He says, "yedu venalum kudu, sapadaren ":-(....Nevertheless aiyya has put on weight..

Still finding way to his heart ..heheh