Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Part -3

The sequel movies are great to watch, especially when you are promised an unlimited entertainment.
Unfortunately, I always watch them in the sequence 1,3 and 2. Bourne series and Rush hour fall in this category. Since there is a huge time gap between the parts 1 and 3, I am really really disappointed to see the bloated versions of actors. Chris tucker did not look like himself. And Matt Damon was brawny loses his charm in ultimatum. ( Opinions here are my own)
Nevertheless the movies were great entertainers for the weekend. I have gotten the slang 'what s up maaann' from chris in rush hour. He continues to be funny.
Another movie I watched recently and liked was 'Devil wears prada'. I feel it shud be remade in Hindi. The movie is just about arrogant and demanding bosses, but it seemed so natural and Meryl Streep is just AWESOME.
Planning to watch some more movies in the coming days. Suggestions are welcome.Drama, Romance, Comedy, Fictions and lil action movies preferred :-)

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sp said...

I agree..Devil wears Prada is great n so are Meryl Streep and Hathaway.