Thursday, August 16, 2007

Google ka chamatkar

The news will spread faster than this post of mine.

Google continues to surprise and delight it's users with it's new iGoogle feature. I found it 3 days back and I am a little too excited about this.

I open my browser and and on the tray I have, latest news, fitness tips, finance tips, quotes, new words for the day to help me in vocabulary building and what not. Some kind of ' Karlo Duniya Mutti me'. The various gadgets/ features can be moved anywhere in the window and made suit you style. And to give you a personal feel, you can select theme and the theme will change depending on if it s day or night at your place. The rest I think I should leave for the readers to experience on their own,hence better left unsaid.

I recently read a book by C.K.Prahlad, named ' Future Of Competetion'. The author talks about a UNIQUE PERSONALIZED EXPERIENCE, which means the kind of experience I will get by using the product, is going to be entirely different in terms of time, age, place, situation. So all the products I use, if they want to satisfy/delight me, should be tailored completely to my tastes and preferences. The book talks at length about achieving the same through various strategies...The value creation of any object has to be CENTERED around me.

Unfortunately i am not able to show how the igoogle setting looks on my browser. But I am sure, you ll be in for surprises :-)

Meanwhile I also read something about Linear growth. Infy/ Wipros or TCSs have this kind of growth where greater the number of people, greater are the revenues. So the profit the company makes is so inextricably connected to the headcount. But here we are talking about a company, which has less than 3000 employees and is a part of our daily lives. It has won hearts and will continue to.


SilEnt LiStenEr said...

waiting for a new post. :)..btw i see a half cut flower towards the end of the page, was it on the side??

sivananth said...

may be you should try Affluent soceity by'll start looking at marketing with healthy cynicism