Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chintu, Chooey and Chopsy - My only companions home

Chintu our male betta fish was all alone. I felt it needs a partner. A forced celibacy is not right :-)..

So we got a female red and black betta fish and dropped it in the same tank after confirming that she will not be killed and that they can actually mate. The female betta had to get the name starting with "ch". So Chooey seemed close.
Alas, it was disappointing till we went to sleep. No REACTION. What s wrong with Chintu ?

Morning I came running to see them. What we saw was a chase by Chintu. He s behind / madly behind Chooey. It is a small round bowl and they were casing each other fast. We left them to enjoy..

But.....Sadly Chooey is immobile now. Dont know what happened. She s alive, but not moving.

Meanwhile, Chopsey, another male betta fish is in a small bowl. I have kept the two bowls together. They know each other s presence, but if put together, they might kill each other. So just watching them react being in two seperate bowls.

The first photo has Chopsey and Chooey, on left and right respectively. In the next photo, the orange fish is our Chintu, the bad boy.

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