Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Moorthy ji

I worked under him for 1 and a half years. I also got a chance to meet him in person and sit next to him for half n hour. This man has been a hero to all my collegues and my own self. All his statements/intentions have not been politically correct, but still he has many followers, many youngsters who want to walk on the same path as him. He is in demand to be leader of the country. He has been an Indian Ambassador and has given a new ray of hope, definitely to last. He plays a dual role of a capitalist and a socialist. A compassionate capitalism is what he proposes.

Watch him being interviewed on ibnlive here.

Wish u all a very happy Independence Day.

This year, we have reasons to smile. Although there are many areas which need to be worked on ( Equality, Infrastructure, Power etc), we have become the centre of planet earth. A very happening country which holds huge promises. Every single indian, whether or not he/she believes it, is curious to know what lays ahead. We have projected a positive picture on world arena and have created a model which works for us.

Jai Hind

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