Sunday, September 9, 2007

Movies this weekend

I have become a movie buff !!!!
3 movies straight this weekend.

1. Dhamaal. Hindi - Comedy. Dont expect to bring any memories out of theatre. 3 hours of very good timepass. Javed jaffry is funny.

2. Rush Hour 2 . Have seen others. Waiting for 4. hehe . How about location in India ? I think the director should consider this.

3. The beautiful mind. I feel my writing capability / vocabulary will be too less to describe this movie. That I call is life. I have never seen such a simple and sensible movie. Impeccably taken. Probably would watch it again..

hmmmm. Have ordered a couple of more movies for subsequent weekends.

1 comment:

pushkala said...

macchi....u the becoming the MovieManiac! Try opening a DESI Radio Station di!