Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Can you choose your religion ?

There was a nice thought I came across while watching Oprah's Live web event about what religion to follow.

For ages temples, vedas, churches decide on what should an individual born in this religion should and should not do. What is right and wrong for him/her. What should he/she seek in life. What procedures they should follow in day to day life etc etc.

In modern day, with so much exposure and interaction, we come across people from various cultures and religion. It is time to open up.

You grow up with a religion as a child, but it s not the only way to reach god. It's just one of the ways. When you get exposed to multiple religions and cultures, you can weave your own "mala"/necklace with pearls from different religions. In this case you have created your own set of rules to follow with your own rationale behind them. You do not force anyone and you are being open to gems/ teachings from other religions. Often we find Hindu scholars reading about other dharmas too. The reason I feel is that, being authority in their respective communities, they want to give the community the best of what's there in the world. No wonder Pope visits the mosque or Hindu gurus visit Church.

Isn't this a nice thought to ponder upon ?

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