Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Rating - 3 / 5

Thanks to their excellent performances in past. For stars like Kamal and Rajini, expectations are sky high to meet.

The movie starts in a pompous way with a ardent Vaishnavite punished for not saying "Om Namashivaya", but as the story progresses, you tend to say "Where is it moving now ? ".

It's anytime delightful to see Kamal, the epitome of versatility, assuming multiple roles. He is a consummate artist in every sense. The role he plays and his body language become one. That is his USP. So if one were to evaluate each of these roles independently, the movie is a a decent past time if not great. But what happens when we start making food with a pre-determined fixed 10 ingredients ? We try to fix each of the ingredient somewhere, trying to make sense out of the end-product - the dish, which may or may not be tasty.
Dasavatharam is a similar attempt. An entirely bottom-up approach in a Software Engineer's Language.

I recommend the movie for those who want to kill time. Do not expect more ! I liked Yaradi NEe Mohini better.

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raeka said...

I haven't watched this flick since the initial review from friends were very poor! will try to catch it on DVD though....

Glad to see your opinion!